Women in Limbo 25 Years!


   Sunday, November 9th 2008

   @NYC’s Knitting Factory

    74 Leonard Street

    One Event - 2 Programs

    Main Space: Screening 4:00 -5:00 PM

    Tap Bar: WIL program 5:30 - 7:30 PM

    Door opens: 3:30 PM


From the slide shows of the ’80’s East Village Limbo Lounge to the ’90’s autobiographical television programs at the Knitting Factory: Join us and discover New York City’s underground feminist art movement.


Birth: 1983, East Village NYC Limbo Lounge on Sundays

Formal Name:

Women Artists Present

Informal: Women in Limbo

Produced: Slide Show Salons, Forums, Screenings, evening Performances, Fashion Show

Provided: Women’s space for networking & building an open community

Organized: Tompkins Square Park  Art  Show, 1984



Rebirth: 1991, Knot Room  Knitting Factory

Name: Women in Limbo

Redefined “Limbo” as a place


Expanded: ‘artist’ to include

all disciplines and differences

Organized: Exhibits:  Private Into Public & Diaries & Journals, 1991. Minor Injury Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC

Focused Programs: to slide format, autobiographical themes that connect art & life

Created: Works-in-Progress Programs as experimental theater to engage an open & revolving audience in dialogue

Redefined Community:

We are not one identity  nor do we speak from one voice”

Television: 1993 WIL began collaboration with Big Red Productions to develop WIL Programs for television.

Series Title:

Women in Limbo Presents

Cable Television: 1993-94

10 part series WILP on MNN

Broadcast: 1995-1996

WILP 5-part series  for

National Public Television

Premiere Broadcast: WNET, NYC

Satellite Broadcast: to 26 cities nation-wide




Women in Limbo: Celebration and Legacy

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