WILP Program Descriptions


101 Self-Esteem, Part 1: Growing Up

Through their own paintings, photographs,diaries and artifacts, six women intimately portray the effect self-esteem had on their lives as children, adolescents, and young adults. They reveal how their experience with parents, identity development, body image and sexual abuse challenge their self-esteem as they pursue a life

in the arts.

“I felt like my lips were tightly sealed. I couldn’t speak. I felt a lot of rage because of the conditioning I had as a woman, that I had no positive role models, and because I came from an abusive background.” − Sheila Seguin

102 Self-Esteem, Part 2: Reclaiming/Esteeming Ourselves

Through music, performance, and artifacts, six women explore the impact of self-esteem on their struggle to maintain their creative lives: and how experiences with survival, aging, work. parenting and the necessity of art in their lives shape the way they reclaim/esteem themselves.

“Eventually the poverty and the rejection were getting to me. And I really slipped into despair. But i got out of it again because I figured out a way to create my own show and bring some of the despair and confusion on the stage.  Bronwyn Rucker