National Public Television Series (1995-97)


Women in Limbo Presents

Presented by Connecticut Public Television

Women in Limbo presents marks the vanguard of a movement by women to change the face of television and make it our own,” says producer Susan Stoltz. “Unlike the common image of women on television, as idealized celebrities or spokespersons, this series proclaims that women are not one voice or one experience, and that every woman’s voice matters.”

Length: Five, 30 minute programs


101 Self-Esteem, Part 1: Growing Up

102 Self-Esteem, Part 2: Reclaiming/Esteeming Ourselves

103 Mothers and Daughters, Part 1: Life Paths and Choices

104 Mothers and Daughters, Part 2: Birth and Death

105 Mothers and Daughters, Part 3: Our Mothers/Ourselves, A Question of Identity

Producer: Big Red Productions.  Executive producers: Melissa Burch and Susan Stoltz