WILP Mothers and Daughters


Mothers and Daughters, Part 1: Life Paths and Choices

Through family albums, journals, childhood drawings and art six women tell the stories of their mothers’ lives as children, adolescents and young women. Each story illustrates the influence of a mother’s past on her relationship with her daughter and her daughter’s pursuits in a creative life.

Mothers and Daughters, Part 2: Birth and Death

A documenting, mourning honoring and celebration of the life cycle. Seven women artists use photographs, letters. poetry and performance to explore birth, death, creativity, pregnancy, daughters becoming mothers, and journeys os separation and reconciliation.


       “When I was a child, I used to make up stories about my life before her. I’d say,

         ‘You know that before I was born there was a village, a town in your belly

          where I lived. And I had friends and I knew people there and i had a life before

          you, Mom.’ And she would look at me and say, Oh, all right Danny, if you say so.”  

                                                                                                            Danielle Reddick

        “And so when I think about her, I think of this vast territory... We ended up throwing

         the ashes out from this mountain top just into the wind. And for me it was the

        expansiveness of my own life and all the chances or choices I’m really able to live,

        and how incredible it is that my mother gave birth to me and I have this life that I


                                                                                                               Melissa Burch

Mothers and Daughters, Part 3: Our Mothers/Ourselves, A Question of identity

Five women use their family photographs and artwork to document, examine, identify and question the image of themselves as daughters who seek or have chosen life paths independent from their mothers’. They confront and recognize the ambiguities and struggles that both separate them with their mothers’ lives, dreams and gifts.