GENERATION: Is your generation defined by age, philosophy, point of view, power?

Who recognizes a generation--individuals, media or group consensus? Can the torch be passed from generation to generation or must it be grabbed? Are you the in-generation, the out-generation, or not playing? Curated by Melissa Burch  

Works-in-Progress Program (October 9th, 1994)


In early 1984 Renata Lac invited Alida Walsh, Nancy Spero and Vernita Nemic to the Limbo Lounge to tell the stories of the women’s art movement in the ’70’s to the ‘second generation” the room was packed with women artists who were either too young or living outside of New york City, or who were not a part of the feminist art movement of the ’70’s. One of the audience participants a 22 year old Melissa Burch asked the proverbial question, “How can we stop from reinventing the wheel?” Nine years later, (last month) Melissa received a letter from Alida Walsh− Perhaps her question has finally been answered.


           I was so happy to read the newsletter and see that Limbo is starting a cable series− the 90’s

            is a time for women to share and air our “secret” hopes, fears and dreams. In the ’70’s, during

            the first consciousness groups we were so intimidated and terrorized by centuries of silence−

            as our stories unfolded, each woman still did not trust each other in our groups to let anyone

            record, SAVE, document our stories. The common threads of pain were felt but lost. Processes

            is necessary.  ...[I] believe with a passion that what you are doing is “right for the ’90’s”


                                                                                      Quote from Alida Walsh’s letter, October 1993.

Connections is from an anniversary newsletter insert, Women in Limbo 1983-1993, November 1993