Women in Limbo: The Missing Link


Vocalist: Christine Rising (Performance, Limbo Lounge,1984)

From the East Village to the Knitting Factory

East Village Roots, Ann Craig: Susan Stoltz

excerpts: Works-in Progress Programs: Diversity, Creativity, Community

From the Underground to National Public Television

Changing the Face of Television: Melissa Burch

excerpts: television series, Women in Limbo Presents

preview: Creativity Series

Introduction: Silvianna Goldsmith

excerpts: Dolores Holmes; Alida Walsh,

Video Tribute: Jushi

Avant Bebop Vocalist : Gloria Tropp with Pata Tropp

Vocalist :Bronwyn Rucker

Sharing the Torch: Reclaiming the Legacy of a Feminist Art Movement; Restoring a Generation of Women Artists

   November 9th, 2008  (4:00 - 5:00PM), Main Space  Knitting Factory