Knitting Factory 1991-1997


Works-In-Progress programs are experimental and inter-disciplinary, create dialogue and engage the audience of women, make use of intimacy of women’s space, and create intersections between life and art.

All works-in-progress programs scheduled in the Knot Room follow an autobiographical slide show format, an experimental theater in which women artists of all disciplines and differences come together to voice individual truths, taking the private, the sub-conscious and the controversial into the public arena through visibility and dialogue.

In response to a program theme all women willing to creatively share their own life experiences through oral histories, personal artifacts and documentation, family photos, private sketchbooks and diaries, dreams, fantasies, childhood drawings, public and private art will be given 5-10 minutes, allowed 5-10 slides and a stage.

To participate in the programs call the curator or program director for more information. Arrive at 5:30 to set up slides. Programs begin promptly at 6:00PM. A dialogue with the audience will follow the presentation. Programs will be video and audio taped. Signed releases will be requested  from all participants and audience members. 

                                                                                    --from 1993 Women in Limbo program flyer

Works-in-Progress programs met on Sundays in the Knot Room from 6-8PM