Big Red Productions (BRP)


In 1992 Big Red Productions began a six year collaboration with Women in Limbo to develop WIL programs for cable and public television. In January of 1993, WIL/BRP launched into a of series of television programs based on themes from women’s lives created for women by women before a live audience at the Knitting Factory  The Knot Room, an intimate public space, became a TV studio where individual women using images on slides told their stories before the camera.

In May of 1995 Women in Limbo Presents, a five-part National Public Television series broadcast to over 26 cities nation-wide. WILP premiered on WNET/Channel 13 and was presented at the National Museum of Television And Radio, and as part of a two day conference, “Reflecting Ourselves,” which took place at Judson Memorial Church, the Knitting Factory and New York University where it was featured in the symposium, “Changing the Face of  Television,” cosponsored by Tisch School of the Arts’ Institute of Film and Television. In 1997 BRP joined with WIL to create a second television series, “Creativity: Women, Art, and the Creative Process.”

Produced by BRP:

WILP television Series


Reflecting Ourselves


May 1995

Intersections &


January-April 1995


Changing the Face of Television

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